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Who are we?

Our company has the excitement of sharing its knowledge and experience with our esteemed customers during the production life of more than 20 years in the machinery automation systems sector. ES AUTOMATION was established in 2011 in order to add value to this sector and to meet the needs in the sector with the best service quality. In a short time we have made our name in the sector with our work and stance.


ES AUTOMATION provides services in the field of PLC controlled machine automation, SCADA systems, servo motor applications, testing and assembly machines.


The experience of the technical personnel plays an active role in the realization of all kinds of challenging and complex automation projects. About project, installation, software and technical support the principle of working without being connected a company in makes us a independent solution partner and more constructive about our customer's demand. And this case ensures customer satisfaction.


Our aim is to provide consultancy and solutions in the field of automation for industrial projects carried out in Turkey and abroad. Our high performance and previous international experience make our company an effective solution partner in overseas markets.


Our Mission; is to produce high quality, cost effective, effective solutions in line with the needs and expectations of the customer with our technically knowledgeable and experienced staff by keeping human safety in the forefront.

Our vision; is an indispensable part of the automation systems carried out in the world to settle into the subconscious of companies and individuals. In addition, is to educate young people who are our future about automation and  to try to provide them a bright career.


ES AUTOMATION, which works with the principle of honesty and quality in the guarantee of success and continuity, will continue to serve you today and in the future by thanking you for your close attention and support.

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